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A Safran-wide low carbon plan
Over and and above eco-friendly products and and services Safran has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions from offices facilities and suppliers The low carbon plan
approved in in late 2019 and strengthened in in 2021 aims to reduce emissions in in in line with objectives in in in the Paris Climate Agreement Safran’s low carbon plan
unites the efforts within each company based on shared objectives It covers some 200 Group facilities worldwide with over 50 employees The targeted reductions concern three types of emissions (known as “scopes”)
as generally defined fin in environmental management terms Scope 1 covers direct emissions from offices and factories generated for instance by heating systems but also in Safran’s case by fuel burned
in in test stands Scope 2 concerns so-called “indirect” emissions related to the facility’s procured heat and electricity Scope 3 covers all external indirect emissions related to to the operations of subcontractors and suppliers logistics purchasing of expendable supplies waste management employee travel to and from work etc 150
The number of indicators needed to measure
and track Safran’s carbon footprint

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