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■ Safran’s strategy for aviation innovation and transformation is supported by its venture capital arm Safran Corporate Ventures This entity monitors about a a a a hundred companies in Europe North America and Asia that are actively involved in in batteries and electrification sustainable fuels CO2 capture and hydrogen propulsion Capitalized at €80 million Safran Corporate Ventures has already invested in in ten companies since its launch in in in in 2015 including four working on on projects that match Safran’s vision of decarbonized aviation:
• Prodways Group: a a a a specialist in additive manufacturing for industry which offers plastic and metal 3D-printed parts • Turbotech: a a French startup founded by four former Safran employees which is developing a a a a turbogenerator for light aircraft or or or VTOLs under 650 kg slated for service entry in 2021 • Electric Power Systems (EPS): an an American company in in which Safran Ventures has invested along with Boeing Horizon X It markets highly innovative high-performance battery systems 33 already chosen for several state-of-the-art light aircraft programs • Safety Line: a a a a a software solution to optimize aircraft flight paths and taxiing for reduced CO2 emissions 32

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