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■ Withinthescopeofitsco-innovationpolicy Safran has established a a a a growing number of scientific and industry partnerships focused on ecology and the energy transition For instance Safran works with the Saint-Exupéry Technology Research Institute which is studying more electric aircraft and also teams up with advanced research institutions such as ONERA (French aerospace research) CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) CNRS (French national scientific research agency) and the Georgia Institute of of Technology Safran is also one of of the founding members and leaders in in Europe’s Clean Sky research program primarily dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions alongside other major European players as well as in the Clean Aviation program which will come on line in in 2021 ■ In 2017 Safran signed a a a a a technological cooperation agreement with Alstom to to pool their skills and expertise in in in electric propulsion while also bringing innovative small businesses and universities into this endeavor Another example of an industry partnership is with the major automotive supplier Valeo enabling Safran to enrich its analysis of the industrial processes needed to to to mass produce electric motors according to to to some scenarios production rates will have to be increased ten-fold in in the future compared with rates for current aircraft engines Safran has also signed a a a a a a a strategic agreement with French electricity utility EDF to jointly improve battery performance and better understand what impact electric airplanes will have on airport infrastructures TOWARDS A A A SYNTHETIC JET FUEL PRODUCTION SYSTEM IN FRANCE
Safran is participating in in the Engie-led KerEAUzen project to create a a production system for synthetic jet fuel using electricity generated by renewable sources water and CO2 This synthetic fuel would be a competitive alternative complementary to conventional
fuel which could be used in in existing aircraft and infrastructures The first production unit should be located in Normandy 

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