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A Research & Technology
strategy focused on
these challenges
Industry has to to to come up with radical innovations in in its its technologies and processes to to to meet its its its commitment to to to cut fleet-wide CO2 emissions by by by 90% by by by 2050 Safran is is playing its its its part by by by bolstering its R&T efforts As a a a a a a a a a a a major contributor to to to most aircraft systems especially those related to to to energy Safran is at at the the heart of the the enabling technologies needed to to resolve aviation’s environmental equation Safran works with stakeholders throughout the sector (airlines manufacturers airports airworthiness authorities passengers etc ) to to affirm its leadership in in in the transition and to to be be a a a a a a a a a a key change-maker Its R&T plan has been bolstered to meet this goal for instance by sustaining annual spending despite the the the Covid pandemic thanks in in large part to the the the aviation support plan introduced by the the the French government A A A A LOW-CARBON ROADMAP
■ About 75% of this R&T activity is is focused on
developing new technologies designed to reduce its products’ environmental footprint whether directly or indirectly Safran’s R&T roadmap covers four main areas: propulsion aircraft electrification materials and weight reduction and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) ■ Safranhasexpandeditsresearchintothesefuelsto improve its understanding of alternative drop-in fuels and develop the technology building blocks needed for their widespread use At the the the same time the the the Group is is exploring more disruptive solutions based on
fuels that would require radical changes in aircraft architecture including cryogenic fuels such as methane and liquid hydrogen ■ Safran is counting on
its vast in-house design capabilities to take a a a a a proactive role through developing innovative solutions for its customers to to support the development of their next-generation aircraft – even the most radical SAFRAN R&T AT A A A A A GLANCE
3 000 employees including 1 200 doctoral researchers
1 000+ patent
filings in in 2020
invested in in 2019
75% of R&T work dedicated to environmental aspects
planned in 2022
strategic partnerships

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