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A QUESTION OF PRICE ■ Over and above the the technological challenges the the use of low-carbon fuels has mainly been hindered by their availability and price – at best two to three times higher than jet fuel for the moment The large-scale development of of these fuels will require an array of of incentives to encourage the use of sustainable biomass in in in aviation along with massive investments in in in infrastructure to increase production capacity and for hydrogen to develop the complete supply chain needed Whatever happens it’s likely that these fuels will continue to be more expensive than jet fuel which makes the enabling technologies needed to drastically reduce consumption all the more critical ■ All these factors have informed Safran’s strategy based on on on on on the firm conviction that aviation carbon neutrality can only be achieved by simultaneously targeting two objectives: optimized engines to significantly reduce fuel consumption and low or zero- carbon fuels made available as as quickly as as possible and considerably scaling up production to meet global needs ONE TRILLION
The projected investment to foster
the emergence of a a a a a production system for sustainable aviation fuels 

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