Safran’s contribution to the COMAC C919

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Comac C919 Nacelles Calculateurs de régulation moteurs fadec Calculateurs de régulation moteurs Etras Système d'entraînement d'accessoires Gestion des eaux et des déchets Porte blindée du cockpit Toboggans d’évacuation Cabin crew seats
  • Moteurs leap<sup>®</sup>-1C
    Moteurs leap<sup>®</sup>-1C Moteurs leap LEAP-1C® engines

    Developed by Safran (Safran Aircraft Engines) and GE through CFM International1, the LEAP-1C® engine has been selected by the Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) as the only Western propulsion system for its new C919 medium-haul single-aisle aircraft.

    1 A 50/50 joint venture between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE Photo : © Antonio Gomez / Safran

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  • Nacelles
    Nacelles Nacelles Nacelles

    The nacelles of the LEAP-1C engines on the C919, the new Chinese medium-haul aircraft, were designed, developed and manufactured by Nexcelle, a 50/50 joint venture owned by Safran Nacelles and Middle River Aircraft Systems (a division of GE Aviation). Safran (Safran Nacelles) also provides the aircraft’s Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System (ETRAS). This thrust reverser replaces the heavier hydraulic systems.
    Photo : © Eric Drouin / Safran

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  • Calculateurs de régulation moteurs
    Calculateurs de régulation moteurs fadec FADEC engine controls

    From design to commissioning, Safran1 (Safran Electronics & Defense) provides the latest generation engine controls and monitoring systems on the LEAP-1C, the FADEC 4 (Full Authority Digital Engine Control).

    1 Within the FADEC Alliance, a 50/50 joint venture between FADEC International and GE

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  • Etras
    Etras Wiring

    Safran (Safran Electrical & Power) supplies the EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnexion Systems), made at Shanghai SAIFEI Aviation EWIS Manufacturing Co. Ltd., a joint-venture between Safran Electrical & Power and Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. (COMAC).

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  • Système d'entraînement d'accessoires
    Système d'entraînement d'accessoires Accessory drive train

    Safran (Safran Transmission Systems) supplies the accessory drive train on the LEAP-1C of the new Chinese C919 aircraft. The technical solutions implemented by Safran Transmission Systems on the LEAP accessory drive train increase the power transmission capacity by 30% while reducing the weight by 20%.

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  • Oxygen systems Oxygen systems

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) outfits C919 with critical cabin oxygen systems for passenger safety.

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  • Water and waste systems
    Water and waste systems Water and waste systems

    Safran (Safran Cabin) provides water and waste management systems (toilets, fluid management systems, etc.).

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  • Bulletproof cockpit door
    Bulletproof cockpit door Reinforced cockpit door

    Safran (Safran Cabin) supplies the reinforced cockpit door of the Chinese COMAC C919 aircraft.

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  • Evacuation slides
    Evacuation slides Evacuation slides

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) equips new Chinese COMAC C919 single-aisle aircraft with emergency evacuation slides.

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  • Galleys Galleys

    Safran (Safran Cabin) furnishes galleys in single-aisle COMAC C919 aircraft.

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  • Cabin crew seats
    Cabin crew seats Cabin crew seats

    The crew and pilot seats onboard COMAC C919 airliners are from Safran (Safran Seats).

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  • CO2
    lower fuel
    consumption and co2 emissions
    (compared with previous-generation engines)
  • deco
    Bruit moteur 50%
    less engine
    thanks to the nacelle