A400M Safran’s contribution to the airbus A400M

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A400M Système de navigation intertielle GPS TP400 Engine Engine Control Calculators Wiring and Electrical Generation Landing gears Engine accessory gearbox
  • GPS Inertial Navigation System
    GPS Inertial Navigation System GPS Inertial Navigation System

    Thanks to this hybridized (inertial/GPS) navigation system developed by Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense) the aircraft can carry out a range of air transport missions, from military refueling to humanitarian rescue, including in hostile environments.

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  • Système de navigation inertielle
    TP400 Engine TP400 Engine TP400 Engine

    The most powerful turboprop in the Western world, the TP400 is developed and produced by Safran (Safran Aircraft Engines, 32% workshare), within the EuroProp International (EPI) consortium. Specifically designed for the A400M, the TP400 develops 11,600 SHP and offers the highest standards of reliability, operational readiness and versatility, with low operating costs.

    Photo : © Frédéric Lert / Safran

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  • Calculateurs de régulation moteurs
    Calculateurs de régulation moteurs Engine Control Calculators

    FADEC International’s full-authority digital electronic control (FADEC) systems are developed by Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense), jointly with BAE Systems, within the FADEC International 50/50 joint venture. The control unit on the Airbus A400M is adapted to the specific requirements of the high-power propeller turboprop.

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  • Systèmes d'atterrissage & de freinage
    Wiring and Electrical Generation Wiring and Electrical Generation

    Safran (Safran Electrical & Power) designs and manufactures electrical harnesses for the nose of the A400M. The harnesses, which contain nearly one hundred wires for a total of 17,000 connections, mainly use aluminum cable technology to reach the weight targets of military transport aircraft. Safran Electrical & Power also supplies the A400M’s electrical generation system through Aerolec, its joint venture with Thales AES.

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  • Trains d'atterrissage
    Landing gears Landing gears Landing gears

    Twelve-wheel landing gears and electromechanical equipment to open and close emergency landing gear doors are designed and manufactured by Safran (Safran Landing Systems). Safran Landing Systems also supplies the wheels and carbon brakes of the landing gears.

    Photo : © Cyril Abad / CAPA Pictures / Safran

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  • Ventilation Systems
    Ventilation Systems Ventilation Systems

    Safran (Safran Ventilation Systems) supplies the A400M’s ventilation system with specially designed equipment for high-pressure air conditioning.

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  • Engine accessory gearbox
    Engine accessory gearbox Engine accessory gearbox

    Safran (Safran Transmission Systems) provides the engine accessory gearbox, including the TP400 (11,600 SHP) engine power transmission, in line with the A400M’s reliability, weight and maintenance cost requirements.

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  • Life jackets and rafts Life jackets and rafts

    The life jackets and life rafts on board Airbus’ A400M military airlifter are from Safran (Safran Aerosystems).

  • Fuel distribution and gauging systems Fuel distribution and gauging systems

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) supplies Airbus A400M fuel distribution and gauging systems.

  • Control cockpit equipment Control cockpit equipment

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) supplies a variety of components to outfit A400M cockpit.

  • Crew seats Crew seats

    Crew seats on board Airbus A400M are provided by Safran (Safran Seats).

  • angle-deco
    shaft horsepower
    the power generated by each of the A400M’s four TP400 turboprop engines
  • Trains d'atterrissage
    12 the number of
    wheels on the A400M landing gear
  • 100 +
    types of wiring,
    mainly of aluminum, to reduce weight as much as possible