Safran's contribution to the A330neo (airbus)

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A330neo Système de transmission de puissance Nacelles Système d’atterrissage Roues et freins Systèmes électriques Systèmes avioniques Systèmes avioniques
  • Système d'entraînement d'accessoires
    Système de transmission de puissance Système de transmission de puissance Accessory Drivetrains

    Via Aero Gearbox International, a joint venture with Rolls-Royce, Safran (Safran Transmission Systems) designed, developed and manufactures the accessory drivetrains for the Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines powering A330neo widebody jets.
    Photo : © Cyril Abad / CAPA Pictures / Safran

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  • Nacelles
    Manette des gaz Nacelles

    Safran (Safran Nacelles) has full responsibility for the A330neo long-haul jetliners’ nacelles housing Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, from design to integration. These nacelles in the “very large” category contribute to improving the propulsion system’s efficiency and the aircraft’s overall performance.

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  • Trains d'atterrissage principaux et systèmes associés
    Système d’atterrissage Landing systems

    Safran (Safran Landing Systems) developed and makes the A330neo long-haul jetliner’s main landing gear. It also supplies the main gear extension and retraction system and the nose wheel steering system as well.

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  • Roues et freins
    Roues et freins Wheels, carbon brakes and braking system

    Via Goodrich-Messier, a joint venture with UTC Aerospace Systems, Safran (Safran Landing Systems) supplies Airbus with wheels and carbon brakes for its A330neo. Safran Landing Systems also developed and produces the braking system.

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  • Systèmes électriques
    Systèmes électriques Electrical systems

    Safran (Safran Electrical & Power) supplies several electrical systems on the A330neo, including the generators that start up the APU (auxiliary power unit) and engines, the wiring and the electrical distribution furniture.

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  • Systèmes avioniques
    Systèmes avioniques Avionics

    Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense) supplies the A330neo’s data loading system, which uploads the full range of software and dispatches it to the aircraft’s avionics systems. Safran Electronics & Defense in particular supplies the PFTU (Pedal Feel Trim Unit).

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  • Galleys
    Galleys Galleys

    Safran (Safran Cabin) furnishes galleys in single-aisle Airbus A330neo aircraft.

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  • Overhead bins Overhead bins

    Safran (Safran Cabin) provides shipsets of Airbus A330neo overhead bins.

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  • Sièges passagers Passenger seats

    Safran (Safran Seats) supplies passenger seats on A330neo aircraft.

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  • Crew masks Crew masks

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) outfits A330neo with crew oxygen masks in case of emergency.

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