NH90 Safran’s contribution to the NH90 (NHIndustries)

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NH90 Inertial navigation system Flight Control Systems RTM322 engine Wiring Gyrostabilized electro-optical Meubles électriques Auxiliary Power Unit Actuators Cabin Ventilation
  • Inertial navigation system
    Inertial navigation system Inertial navigation system

    The Sigma 95L inertial navigation system designed and manufactured by Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense) equips the entire NH Industries helicopter program. Featuring a built-in GPS receiver, this system offers different levels of performance and several alignment modes, in order to adapt to the operational needs of users.

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  • Flight Control Systems
    Flight Control Systems Flight Control Systems

    Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense) supplies the flight control systems of the NH90. Designed and developed to assist maneuvering and automatic piloting, they improve flight safety, machine performance and reduce the pilot’s workload.

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  • RTM322 engine
    RTM322 engine RTM322 engine RTM322 engine

    The NH90 twin-turbine military helicopter is equipped with the high-power RTM322 turbine engine (2,100-2,600 SHP), developed and built by Safran (Safran Helicopter Engines). With more than one million hours of flight time, the RTM322 satisfies the highest standards of performance, reliability and robustness.

    Photo : © Rémy Bertrand / Safran

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  • Systèmes d'atterrissage & de freinage
    Wiring Wiring

    Safran (Safran Electrical & Power) produces the electrical systems and wiring of the NH90 program.

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  • Boule optronique gyrostabilisée
    Gyrostabilized electro-optical Gyrostabilized electro-optical Electro-optical system

    The NH90 is equipped with the Euroflir 410TM electro-optical system designed, developed and manufactured by Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense). By day and by night, the Euroflir 410TM electro-optical system provides unmatched surveillance performance for the most demanding missions of armed forces.

    Photo : © Rémy Bertrand / Safran

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  • Electrical cabinets
    Meubles électriques Electrical cabinets

    Safran (Safran Electrical & Power) integrates the NH90 electrical distribution panels.

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  • Auxiliary Power Unit
    Auxiliary Power Unit Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

    The Saphir 100 Auxiliary Power Unit supplied by Safran (Safran Power Units) was designed to meet the NH90 multi-role helicopter’s airborne power requirements. This APU makes the aircraft totally self-sufficient for starting and ground operations.

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  • Actuators
    Actuators Actuators

    Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense) designs and manufactures the actuating systems of the flight control moving parts on the NH90 (linear actuators, serial smart actuators and trim systems).

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  • Ventilation cabine et avionique
    Cabin Ventilation Cabin Ventilation

    Safran (Safran Ventilation Systems) supplies the NH90’s ECS (Environmental Control System) fans. They control the air exchange, the ambient temperature inside the cabin and smoke detection.

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  • Floats Floats

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) supplies emergency flotation systems enabling NH90 multi-role military helicopter to land on water in the event of an emergency.

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  • External Lightings External Lightings

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) equips the European twin-engine helicopter NH90 with external lightings.

  • Moteur
    2,100 to 2,600 shaft horsepower
    power rating of the RTM322 turboshaft engine,
    25% higher
    than competing engines in the same class
    Safran supplies
    1 out of every 3 helicopter turbine engines
    sold worldwide
  • angle-deco
    of the NH90
    helicopters in service are powered by the RTM322