Safran’s contribution to the H225M Safran’s contribution to the H225M (Airbus Helicopters)

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H225M Makila 2A Engine Inertial navigation system Autopilot Landing gear Wiring Wheels and brakes Electro-Optical System Engine Controls Actuators Auxiliary Power Group
  • Makila 2A Engine
    Makila 2A EngineMakila 2A Engine Makila 2A Engine

    The H225M twin-turbine helicopter is equipped with Makila 2A engines. This engine, developed and built by Safran (Safran Helicopter Engines), incorporates a more powerful compressor module and a dual-channel, full-authority digital electronic control (FADEC). It was certified in 2004.

    Photo : © Frédéric Lert / Safran

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  • Inertial navigation system
    Inertial navigation system Inertial navigation system

    The H225M is equipped with an inertial navigation system designed and manufactured by Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense). Regardless of the flight conditions, this system guarantees highly accurate autonomous navigation through a device that has been optimized in terms of weight and volume.

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  • Pilote automatique
    Pilote automatique Autopilot

    Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense) develops and produces customized, highly reliable and efficient autopilot systems that are easy to install and have low maintenance costs. Safran’s range of autopilot computers provides analog, digital and electrical solutions.

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  • Systèmes d'atterrissage & de freinage
    Landing gearLanding gear Landing gears

    The H225M is equipped with landing gears designed, developed and manufactured by Safran (Safran Landing Systems).

    Photo : © Frédéric Lert / Safran

  • Wiring
    Wiring Wiring

    Safran (Safran Electrical & Power) provides comprehensive solutions for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, from generators to loads, through distribution centers and cable harnesses.

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  • Wheels and brakes
    Wheels and brakes Wheels and brakes

    Safran Landing Systems provides the wheels and steel brakes on the H225M helicopter.

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  • Electro-Optical System
    Electro-Optical System Electro-Optical System

    The long-range electro-optical system EuroflirTM 350 (Safran Electronics & Defense) equipped the H225M helicopter. It provides long-range observation and targeting capabilities enabling unsurpassed image quality thanks to advanced local image processing within a compact and lightweight system.

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  • Engine Controls
    Engine Controls Engine Controls

    The H225M helicopter benefits from engine control systems designed, developed and manufactured by Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense).

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  • Actuators
    Actuators Actuators

    Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense) designs and manufactures the actuating systems of the flight control moving parts on the H225M (linear actuators, serial smart actuators and trim systems).

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  • Auxiliary Power Unit
    Auxiliary Power Unit Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

    The Auxiliary Power Unit supplied by Safran (Safran Power Units) on the H225M has been designed to meet the multi-role helicopter’s airborne power requirements.

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  • Moteur
    2,100 shaft
    horsepower developed by the Makila 2A, one of the most reliable and highest performance engines in its class
  • angle-deco
    Safran engines power
    all helicopters
    deployed by French armed forces
    Safran supplies
    1 OUT of every 3 helicopter turbine engines
    sold worldwide