Safran’s contribution to the A320neo (airbus)

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A320 Nacelles Système d'entraînement d'accessoires Moteurs leap-1A® Système de gestion des données de vol Trains d'atterissage roues et freins Câblages Calculateurs de régulation moteurs Fadec Actionneurs de commandes de vol Galleys
  • Nacelles
    Nacelles Nacelles Nacelles

    From design to integration, Safran (Safran Nacelles) supplies the nacelles of the LEAP-1A engines that power the A320neo. More aerodynamic, lighter and quieter, the nacelle of the A320neo contributes to the improvement in the performance of the propulsion system and the aircraft.
    Photo : © Philippe Stroppa / Safran

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  • Système d'entraînement d'accessoires
    Système d'entraînement d'accessoires Accessory drive train

    Safran (Safran Transmission Systems) supplies the accessory drive train on the A320neo LEAP-1A engine. The technical solutions implemented by Safran Transmission Systems on the LEAP accessory drive train increase the power transmission capacity by 30% while reducing the weight by 20%.

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  • Moteurs leap-1A®
    Moteurs leap-1A® Moteurs leap-1A® LEAP-1A® Engines

    Developed by Safran (Safran Aircraft Engines) and GE through CFM International1, the LEAP-1A® engines equip the new generation A320neo single-aisle aircraft. Its advantages make it the new “best seller” of the short- and medium-haul market.

    1 1 A 50/50 joint venture between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE Photo : © bnpix / Safran

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  • Système de gestion des données de vol
    Système de gestion des données de vol Flight data management system

    Safran’s (Safran Electronics and Defense) Aircraft Condition Monitoring System records and analyzes the operating and flight conditions of the A320neo' on-board equipment.

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  • Trains d'atterissage roues et freins
    Trains d'atterissage roues et freins Landing gears - Wheels and carbon brakes

    Supplier for the A320 family, Safran (Safran Landing Systems) equips the latest generation of Airbus single-aisle aircraft with landing gears. Safran Landing Systems also equips the A320neo with wheels and carbon brakes.

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  • Câblages
    Câblages Wiring

    Safran (Safran Electrical & Power) supplies the electrical wiring system on the A320neo.

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  • Meubles électriques Electrical racks

    Safran (Safran Electrical & Power) integrates the A320neo’s electrical racks.

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  • Life vests and rafts Life vests and rafts

    The life vests and life rafts on board A320neo are from Safran (Safran Aerosystems).

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  • Calculateurs de régulation moteurs Fadec
    Calculateurs de régulation moteurs Fadec FADEC engine controls

    From design to commissioning, Safran1 (Safran Electronics & Defense) provides the latest generation engine controls and monitoring systems on the LEAP-1A, the FADEC 4 (Full Authority Digital Engine Control).

    1 1 Within the FADEC Alliance, a 50/50 joint venture between FADEC International and GE

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  • Actionneurs de commandes de vol
    Actionneurs de commandes de vol Flight Control Actuators

    Safran (Safran Electronics & Defense) supplies the electromechanical actuators for flight controls that equip the Airbus A320neo.

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  • Ventilateurs Fans

    Safran’s (Safran Ventilation Systems) ventilation equipment aboard the A320neo manages cabin and cockpit airflow, providing passengers and crew with all the necessary comforts.

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  • Galleys
    Galleys Galleys

    Safran (Safran Cabin) furnishes galleys in single-aisle Airbus A320neo aircraft

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  • Sièges passagers Passenger seats

    Safran (Safran Seats) supplies passenger seats on A320neo aircraft.

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  • Systèmes d’oxygène Oxygen systems

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) outfits A320neo with critical cockpit and cabin oxygen systems for crew and passenger safety.

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  • Water and waste management Water and waste management

    Safran (Safran Cabin) provides water and waste management systems (toilets, fluid management systems, etc.).

  • Evacuation slides Evacuation slides

    Safran (Safran Aerosystems) equips A320 neo aircraft with emergency evacuation slides.

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  • CO2
    lower fuel
    consumption and CO2 emissions
    (compared with previous-generation engines)
  • deco bruit 50%
    less engine noisethanks to the nacelledéco
  • Matériaux composites
    over 60%
    of the nacelle
    made from

    composite materials
  • Câblages 65KM
    of wiring

    and 27,000 electrical