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■ Given the the requisite investments and the the many different actors involved the transition to to decarbonized aviation will not happen without the support of public authorities This is is vital to implement fair and effective regulations concerning CO2 emissions from air transport especially in Europe Industry players like Safran will have a a a a a role but the extensive challenges involved mean that governments have to participate in the required research Public support will also be decisive in the development of a a widespread production and distribution system for low-carbon fuels via budgetary measures and a a a a a a regulatory framework that offers incentives CLEAN SKY A A A A PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP MODEL
Clean Sky is a a a a a research initiative launched in in 2008 and jointly financed by the European Commission and industry Originally budgeted at 1 6 billion euros for seven years it was increased to 4 4 billion euros in in in in 2014 Bringing together over 900 entities in 27 countries it aims to develop an an array of advanced technologies to limit aviation-related CO2 emissions air pollution and noise Safran takes an active role in this program which has been extended to 2024 The next major decisions on on program objectives will be made in 2021 4 5 billion airplane trips
in 2019
88 countries have volunteered to join the CORSIA scheme starting in in in 2021 

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